BASH Script to generate PDF of Source Code with Syntax Highlighting using LaTeX

Sometimes when I'm learning I like to print source code on paper because I find it easier to read, and nicer to annotate. I had a rummage online to see if anyone had come up with a nice way to generate PDFs of source code, and improved what I found into this useful BASH script. The script searches for source code in the current directory and its subdirectories, and uses the typesetting software LaTeX to create a PDF of the contents with syntax highlighting.

Raspberry Pi Print & Scanner Server

Got a spare RasPi knocking around? Why not hook it up to your all-in-one and use it as a handy print and scanner server? I have previously tried to get my multifunction printer/scanner working with OpenWrt, but ran into difficulty with the scanner. Having tried it with the RasPi, I'm pleased to report that it's as easy as Pi ;) Print server capability is provided by the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS), and scanner capability is provided by Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE).

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