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Bart Simpson FOSS

I started this site nearly two years ago when I first discovered Linux. The main objective was to learn how to do things for myself with free software: run my own website and email server, and reduce my dependence on big companies like Microsoft and Google. I started writing articles explaining how to do the things that I had found to be difficult, and the site eventually developed into a series of tutorials for Free, Open Source software. Version 1 of the site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi, which proved itself to be a very capable low-traffic webserver, and was in use for about 9 months. After I had some problems with a USB drive that bricked, I started fresh: I'm now using Drupal as my content management system instead of Wordpress, and the site is running on an Intel NUC, which I am very happy with. Some tutorial topics include Raspberry Pi, Android Wordpress, DD-WRT & OpenWrt, ownCloud and Ubuntu Linux. The Web Hosting category is about things I have come across whilst maintaining this site at home. Enjoy!